The corporatization of Sourcewatch leads to bahai lobbying of Sourcewatch and deletion of SW entries

By Wahid Azal

In 2010-2011, due to incessant funding problems, the Center for Media and Democracy (CMD), which at the time operated on a near shoe string budget and with barely a handful of volunteer staff and a single wiki site, bit the proverbial bullet and was bought out and financially restructured, i.e. corporatized. Up until early 2013 the articles and entries of the site Sourcewatch were left alone and moderation policies were fair and uniform across the site as they had been up to 2010-11. Upon the assumption of former Clinton administration insider, Lisa Graves <> to the CMD executive directorship(an administration we should recall that was quite friendly to the baha'is) articles and entries began disappearing one by one or are being indefinitely parked. As of this year, when a legion of the old moderators and contributors began leaving the site, Sourcewatch has been transformed overnight from a portal of independent media into yet another bully pulpit of twisted, deceptive and aggressive American neo-liberal foreign policy propaganda. It began with articles and entries being pulled from the site that were unfavorable to individuals and entities associated with the ruling Kievan junta which the Americans helped into power in Ukraine against a constitutional government earlier this year.

Now it appears that Lisa Graves, who is now heading the CMD (and all affiliates), has a history of doing shady business: and is now pulling all the entries and articles associated with the Haifan Bahai organization as well. They have began with these:

1. Baha'i Faith
Original Link (now parked)

Now at:

2. Baha'i Internet Agency
Original Link (now parked)

Now at:

3.Pat Kohli
Original link (now parked)

Now at:

4. Susan S. Maneck
Original link (now parked)

Now at:

Make no mistakes these articles and entries have been pulled because of direct lobbying of (and possibly financial remuneration by) Wilmette and Haifa of the CMD and Lisa Graves personally, since the North American system of political lobbying operates completely on the principle of graft. This is also another indication that beyond the ramping up of their propaganda against Russia, the USA is now going into another aggressive gear of anti-Iranian propaganda.

I put this information out here so that people are aware of what is going on.!topic/talk.religion.bahai/ufUx8hLVH1c

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