Living in the lap of luxury, born with a golden spoon in his mouth, Baha'u'llah calls himself "The Most Wronged One of the worlds" !

By Renowned Azali (Bayani) Scholar
Dr. Wahid Azal

An Ex-Baha'i writes : Mirza Husayn Ali Nuri's birth into a very privileged and very wealthy family has certainly colored what the Baha'i Faith has become today. His concept of suffering was contrasted against his high state of privilege and ease in his early life. For the greater of the majority of Iranians such suffering was a daily experience which was thought of not so much as an indignity but a challenge
Baha'u'llah traveling to Baghdad with his supporters.
Dr. Azal's comment : This is a very, very, very crucial matter, and it goes to the very claim and heart of Husayn 'Ali. Lower class Iranians, and not just Iranians but also Arabs and Turks throughout the Mid East, where struggling with the vicissitudes of life in a far more tough manner than at any time by Husayn 'Ali, his kinsman or followers. Therefore, this refrain of being "The Most Wronged One of the worlds" is pure hyperbole and hogwash. Husayn 'Ali Nuri had it good, very good. In fact he had it far better than anyone else especially after Musa Jawaheri bequeethed his entire life's fortune to him in Baghdad before he died, ergo precisely why Husayn 'Ali succeeded in stamping his claim where Asad'ullah Dayyan, Husayn Milani and others failed. Musa Jawaheri apparently was a very, very wealthy man! This initial wealth coupled with the Afnan's gratuitous and self-serving betrayal of Azal and defecting over to Husayn 'Ali - and the subsequent fund raising filling the coffers of Husayn 'Ali's bayt'ul-mal afterwards as well as the active British colonialist support for Husayn 'Ali and his family (why the Ottomans never really touched the Baha'is) - was responsible for where Baha'ism is today. In Acre it was responsible for the purchase of Bahji, Mazra'ih, the House of Abud, the initial properties on Carmel, etc. It is also the reason why Abbas Effendi and Muhammad 'Ali went to war with each other after their father croacked and bit the dust in 1892.

Compare and contrast this with both the Bab and Azal. Nowhere do you find the kind of constant wussy like lamentation and sissy like bemoaning in the works of the Point or the Morning of Praeternity that Husayn 'Ali Nuri engaged in on and on and on and on as a patented style in all his writings. The Point only laments in the Persian Bayan, and He laments for very good reason. They had exiled Him to Maku at the time, a remote and perilous part of northern Iran, cut off from everything, everyone and everywhere (and even still he wrote 9 and a half Unities of the Persian Bayan and 11 of the Arabic Bayan and countless other epistles). Other than that there is nothing else. Only in the Sata'at does Azal - and on one paragraph at that - bemoan how His brother betrayed Him. That is all. A guy who is sissy and wuss like that, wailing and bemoaning, calling himself the wronged one of the worlds, when people can see for themselves how he is living in the lap of luxury, born with a golden spoon in his mouth, I am sorry, is no real man, let alone the supreme manifestation of the Age. The Bab was a MAN and a LION. Azal was a MAN and LION. Quddus was a MAN and a LION. Mulla Husayn was a MAN and a LION. Tahirih was a Lion-WOMAN (shir-zan) and a TIGER as well. Husayn 'Ali Nuri was a girl and a mouse, and his own writings condemn him as one.

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