Baha'is converting Chinese people by deception

Two Canadian Baha'is Mr. Masoud Khajeh-Sharafabadi (aka Sam Sharp) and Mr. Soheil Sharaf (aka Steve Sha) deported from China for Teaching Baha'i Faith to the Chinese

Two Canadian Baha'is Mr. Massoud Sharaf and his brother Mr. Soheil Sharaf, (aka Sam Sharp and Steve Sha), who were working for Baha'i committee for china were involved in recruiting Baha'is to teach English language to the Chinese people and then finally teaching them Baha'i Faith and converting them to Baha'i cult.

The Sharafs came in 2006 to China in the disguised of recruiting English teaching to Chinese people. After a long series of events the Sharaf brothers were detained on 30 August 2006 for "despising Chinese law" and "disturbing the normal order of exit and entry" and finally they were deported on 13 September 2006.

As appeared in the English language daily edition of the Shenzhen Daily newspaper, on 28 September 2006.

The Sam brothers were organizing Baha'i pioneers to China to teach Chinese citizen English language then in the process they use to deceptively teach them Baha'i 'Religion' and convert them to Baha'i cult. The two brothers were working for Baha'i committee for China that receives its orders from the International Teaching Center and Universal House of Justice based in Haifa, Israel.

Cheater - Massoud Sharafabadi

 Few more examples of Baha'i deceptive conversion in China

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