Baha'i Faith & The Kingdom of God on Earth !

This is the answer given to a Haifan Baha'i who claimed that Baha'u'llah established Kingdom of God on Earth!

By Wahid Azal (A prominent Bayani - Azali)

Mirza Husayn 'Ali-i-Mal'un-i-Mazandarani
And pray tell, has your Bayt'ul-Jahl-i-Asghar-i-Shaytani (UHJ) and your Dajjal-i-'Ijl-i-Sammari British manufactured "profit" Mirza Husayn 'Ali-i-Mal'un-i-Mazandarani established the Kingdom of God yet? Look around you, if you haven't lost your mind completely yet with all the bogus arajif (lies) that your even more deluded parents put into your silly, closed Baha'i cultist head over a lifetime. How many wars are going on the world at the moment? How many children are dying of starvation, stray bullets, car bombs, dirty water, selfish and callous child pornographers, etc?  How much charity work are you cultists currently doing? How much nation building have you accomplished? WTF have you Baha'i cultists actually accomplished for the benefit of the world that you think the sun shines out of your backsides? It seems the Vatican has beat you hands down on all charity fronts, and you think Christianity is superceded with your crappola. LOL!

You need a serious reality check, agha! You people need to form a committee and call an Assistant to an ABM to supervise you whenever you need to pull up your trousers (zir-shalvari), let alone to establish any kingdom of God on earth! And last time I checked God didn't require the annual subsidies of the Israeli government to keep its divine operations going. If either Israel fell tomorrow or decided enough is enough and told you fools to take a hike, you and your marble slabs atop Mt Carmel would be one and all flushed down the toilet along with it in the twinkling of an eye. Trust me, that day is not too far away at all. I should know :) Thankfully, the annual subsidies by the Israeli state to an apparent non-for-profit religious organization is a matter of public record so you cultists cannot deny the fact that most of your operations are being run by the political machinery of a highly politicized Mid East state. So much for the Kingdom of God on Earth and Husayn 'Ali Nuri's 500,000 year Reich!

You are an Iranian, so you should understand the following metaphor: there are many broken shards of glass (Baha'is) but very few Diamonds (the People of the Bayan). Also, if Husayn 'Ali was here to establish any Kingdom of God and was some divine theophany, one must ask the pertinent question of his illustrious wholiness,

kal agar tabib budi bar sar-i-khod dava nemudi!

Thanks for your participation and goodbye!

Allahu A'zam
Wahid Azal
Dated 2005
Some parts of this article has been deleted.

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