How Baha'u'llah referred to his household?

Baha'u'llah !
The term Aghsan (Branches) signifies Baha’s son and Afnan (Twigs) the Bab’s kinsmen according to Baha’s terminology. Baha considered himself to be Asl-i Qadim (the Ancient Stock). Hence the term Branches for his sons to distinguish which from the Bab’s kinsmen, since he regarded him as his precursor or harbinger, he used the term twigs in respect of the latter although both terms are synonymous.

Baha conferred high-sounding letters on the members of his own family and chief followers.
For titles bestowed on his wife and daughter see supra. For titles bestowed on Mirza Aqa Jan of Kashan.

Specimens of his honours list in respect of his entourage and chief followers are quoted below:

- Mushkin-i-Ilahi (Divine Fragrance);
- Zaynul-Muqarrabin (The Ornament of the Favourable);
- Jabrail-i Amin (Gabriel the Trusty);
- Qannad-al-Samadaniyya (The Confectioner of Divine Eternity);
- Khabbaz-al-Wلhidiyya (The Baker of Divine Unity);
- Dallak-al-Haqiqat (The Barber of the Truth);
- Mallah-al-Quds (The Sailor of Sanctity)

The Hasht-Bihisht P. 307.

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