Peter Khan is dead.

Dr. Peter J. Khan, former member of the Universal House of Justice, died today in Brisbane, Australia. He was 74 years old.

He became a Baha'i when he was a youth. He served as a member of National Spiritual Assembly of Australia, Auxiliary Board Member for Propagation in North America, member of Continental Board of Counsellors in Australasia, and of the International Teaching Centre, later he was appointed to the Universal House of Justice on which he served for twenty-three years.

He was tortured (mentally) by the New Zealand Baha'i community to a greater extent. May may this has contributed to his sufferings and may be this and some other pressures lead to his dying in Australia. As we all know Wahid also stays in Australia.

The members of UHJ are under immense pressure. They have so much work-load that they often succumb to bear.

Read this excerpt from his speech that he gave in New Zealand :
The House of Justice has been appalled in recent weeks to receive vitriolic, nasty, vicious letters from New Zealand Baha’is concerned about actions the House of Justice took with regard to a believer from the South Island. I’m sure you are aware of it. These letters are not many, there are a few of them, but they’re probably the worst letters I have ever seen written to the House of Justice and they came from people who are part of the New Zealand Baha’i community. That, if nothing more, is an indication of the need for a far greater attention to this issue in this country as well as in other countries. New Zealand surely doesn’t want to go down in Baha’i history as the community that has produced such nasty correspondence. Correspondence of such a kind that I am embarrassed to have my secretary see it because of the kind of language that it uses. Anyhow, be that as it may, it’s their spiritual problem and they will deal with Baha’u'llah as they wish. But the point is that here it is an indication that something is fundamentally wrong with the Baha’i community in this country in terms of its depth of understanding of the covenant and the authority of the institutions of the Faith. What you take as normal is not normal, but abnormal.
read more here :

May Peter Khan rest in a place where Baha'u'llah is. May God do justice with him.


  1. Your Allah doesn't exist, you illiterate creationist. Visit

  2. Bette Davis is reported to have said of her long-time nemesis:

    "You should never say bad things about the dead, you should only say good. ...Joan Crawford is dead. Good."

    I wish Peter well. I like to think that he's sitting up in heaven with Amy Winehouse, as we speak.

    Perhaps Bette Davis should have the last word:

    "I wouldn't piss on her if she was on fire."

    ka kite

  3. Good on you, Steve. Peter Khan got it slightly wrong. I wrote a number of angry letters to him about the treatment of Allison and about the hypocrisy of how the Dunedin Community dealt with philandering members of the Spiritual Assembly and in Nelson with a Persian conman and anti_semite. I am not a Bahai and never will be.

    Stuart G.


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