Baha'i Faith in Russia

by Ravian Bilani

Russian Baha’i Census

In Russia, Baha’i Faith is spreading in terms of numbers and decreasing in terms of Followers. It is truly MASTER’S MOSCOW MYSTERY.

For Baha’is decimal places don’t count! Baha’i Faith transacts only in hundreds. Small currencies don’t exist. And now, this has been seen in Russia!

No one would believe that behind the solid iron curtain and fool proof government watch, such manipulations can prosper! Strange but true, the Baha’i Faith official census can fool all systems.

Going by the words (and not spirit) of deceased guardian of Baha’i Faith – Shoghi Effendi - "Bahá'u'lláh has entrusted the sacred duty of every Baha’i to spread the Faith", the Baha’is have found an easier way to spread the faith. SPREAD THE NUMBER!

It is high time world takes a serious note of such dubious claims. Else soon we may find Baha’i population being reported more than the world population! How can one explain the strange classification of world population into ‘Baha’is’ and ‘Not yet Baha’is’ by Baha’i Administration (The Arbabs, Mohajirs and Razavis)? Such publicity should be questioned and the Baha’i Faith office bearers be held accountable.
It is interesting to note that claiming more numbers can give Baha’i Faith (read Baha’i cult) tremendous benefits. To name a few:

1. Help in deceptive conversion.
2. Help in getting grants from various agencies like United Nations and other Governmental agencies.
3. Help in getting appointments with influential personalities.
4. Help in getting privileged status within a country.
5. To make the Faith seem much more successful and influential than it really is, to the new converts.

So while other religions overlook this aspect, sometimes even not bothering to have a census of their followers, the smart Baha’is deceive the world.

So what is the reality? In Russia, the facts are:

1. Teaching Projects:
Over 10 years of teaching in Moscow, the Baha’i community has decreased by 83 persons.

2. Participation in the elections of the Local Spiritual Assembly:
30 people participated in the first election at Moscow in 1990. And 45 people in the elections in 2010. An increase of 0.75 per year for 20 years!

3. Number of Local Assemblies in the past 15 years:
This year they had a record-low number of Local Spiritual Assemblies in Russia in 15 years! And in the last 10 years there has been constant decline in the number of assemblies, which led to the fact that their number decreased by half.

4. Intensive program of growth:
During the three years of intensive program of growth, the increase/decrease in number of people who have undergone training in Baha’i Faith in Moscow, are:

Book 1 - fell by 5
Book 2 - fell by 46
Book 3 - fell by 7
Book 4 - fell by 4
Book 5 - increased by 16
Book 6 - fell by 14
Book 7 - increased by 2

Net fall = 58

But the Baha’is never admit this reality. It’s against Guardian’s advice. They continue to progress on paper, taking every reader for a free ride, including the Russian government.

The Official site of the Baha’is of Russia claims there are 3500 Baha’is and more than 400 localities in Russia - from Kaliningrad to Kamchatka, from the Kola Peninsula to the North Caucasus. It is absolutely a false claim, purposely intended to deceive and misguide its readers.


Falsehood – thy name is Baha’i Faith.

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    You seem to have little grasp of how the Baha'is tend to spread themselves out. A decreasing population in Russia could be them spreading out and each becoming a nucleation point in elsewhere in Russia. Independent statistics seem to show a far higher number of Baha'is. Baha'is themselves seem to show great restraint in numbers claimed.


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