Carved Image of Bab in Azerbaijan

Azerbaijan - Baku: Academy of Sciences - façade decoration - carved image of Bab, founder of Babism, gave birth to the Baha'i religion, followed by the builder, oil baron Aghamusa Naghiyev - photo by M.Torres


  1. And what proof do you offer?

  2. I do not have any proof except the web link, that I already provided to my readers.

  3. Naser khan, it isn't the Bab. Take it from me.

  4. This one is really beautiful, if this is true. Although we are not allowed by our godly UHJ to look at the pictures of the "twin manifestations" but I see sometimes. It gives me a great spiritual energy. I love Bradd Pitt and Bruce Leeee.

  5. Nima Hazini
    I challange you for an open debate regarding your faith. come and read my posts about Azali Faith and filthy people like you, if you really have guts!

  6. My name is Wahid Azal. I have already responded to your challenge on the same forum. But if you are serious about discussing the Bayan with me, then you should come over to Over there I am even happier to hand your sorry ass back to you on a silver platter, if you please.

  7. This comment has been removed by the author.


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